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As an account holder with TFG (The Foschini Group), you have access to an optional TFG Fraud Alert product that will provide you with a SMS containing details of purchases over R100 made on your TFG account.

TFG Fraud Alert

Are you aware of all purchases made on your TFG account? Do you worry about your store card being fraudulently used or stolen?

You might only become aware of fraudulent activity on your store account when you:

  1. receive your monthly statement and notice that there are purchases on your account that you did not make; or
  2. notice that you cannot find your store card.

This may be too late!

With TFG Fraud Alert you will be informed about purchases on your TFG account card the moment it happens!

TFG Fraud Alert provides you with the following service:

For only R4.50 per month you can receive SMS alerts sent to your cellphone every time a purchase of more than R100 is made on your TFG account, providing you with detail on the value of the purchase made and when and where it was made.

This fantastic service is conveniently billed to your TFG account. TFG Fraud Alert is not an insurance product and terms and conditions do apply.

TFG Fraud Alert Terms & Conditions

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