Value Added Service

As an account holder with TFG (The Foschini Group), you have access to an optional TFG Fraud Alert product that will provide you with a SMS containing details of purchases over R100 made on your TFG account.

TFG Fraud Alert

Are you aware of all purchases made on your TFG account? Do you worry about your store card being fraudulently used or stolen?

You might only become aware of fraudulent activity on your store account when you:

  1. receive your monthly statement and notice that there are purchases on your account that you did not make; or
  2. notice that you cannot find your store card.

This may be too late!

With TFG Fraud Alert you will be informed about purchases on your TFG account card the moment it happens!

TFG Fraud Alert provides you with the following service:

For only R4.50 per month you can receive SMS alerts sent to your cellphone every time a purchase of more than R100 is made on your TFG account, providing you with detail on the value of the purchase made and when and where it was made.

This fantastic service is conveniently billed to your TFG account. TFG Fraud Alert is not an insurance product and terms and conditions do apply.

TFG Fraud Alert Terms & Conditions

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TFG Protect

TFG Protect is an optional value added service which gives customers access to an app through which a customer can request private emergency security armed response and medical and ambulance response assistance on demand.

If the customer is in a serious emergency which could cause the customer to become seriously injured or even die, the customer can use the app to activate a virtual panic alert by pressing a key on the customer’s smartphone. When the customer activates the virtual panic alert on the app, an armed responder or medical responder who is closest to where the customer is will be automatically sent to assist the customer using the geolocation feature on the customer’s smartphone. The customer will be able to track the responder, giving the customer peace of mind that help is on the way.

The armed responders and medical responders are not part of TFG – they are contracted by Rappid Response (Pty) Ltd trading as AURA to provide the services. Rappid also owns the app.




TFG Protect costs R49 per month and is billed to the customer’s TFG Money Account. If the customer wants to add one extra user, the total cost of the product will be R69 a month. If the customer wants to add up to four extra users, the total cost of the product will be R99 a month.




The customer can contact TFG’s customer services department on 0860 834 834 and give 30 days’ notice if he/she wants to cancel TFG Protect and its services.




If a customer has queries about the billing of TFG Protect to his/her TFG Money Account or about the sale of TFG Protect, the customer may contact TFG on 0860 834 834 or on email at For all other queries, the customer may use the contact details on the ‘contact us’ tab on the app.


Terms, conditions, limits, restrictions and indemnities apply and can be downloaded by clicking on the icon below. 







TFG Protect Terms and Conditions

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