Treating Customers Fairly
What is TCF?

“TCF” stands for “Treating Customers Fairly”. As the name suggests, it is industry regulation aimed at ensuring that all financial services providers (FSP’s)  treat their customers fairly. TCF comprises six principles, or fairness outcomes. 

These are:

  1. The fair treatment of customers must be central to the FSP’s culture.
  2. Products and services marketed and sold must be designed to meet the identified needs of customers who are targeted accordingly.
  3. Customers must be given clear and relevant information and be kept appropriately informed before, during and after the time of contracting.
  4. Where customers receive advice, the advice must be suitable and must take account of the customer’s circumstances. Note that TFG is not licensed to give advice.
  5. Products must meet performance expectations and services must be related to the products and be of an acceptable standard.
  6. There must be no unreasonable post sale barriers, which may include changing a product, switching providers, submitting a claim or making a complaint.

TFG Insurance fully supports the objectives of TCF and manages its business in a manner that ensures the best possible outcomes for its customers.