Lifestyle cover is designed to provide assistance with unforeseen expenses such as legal costs.

TFG Legal Plan


What the product offers:

TFG Legal Plan provides three cover options – Silver, Gold and Platinum.

We are not selling the Silver option at the moment. If you have already taken up this product with the Silver option and would like to view/download your latest membership guide, please click on the icon below.

The Gold and Platinum options include the following fantastic benefits for you, your spouse and all of your unmarried, unemployed, dependent children who are younger than 25 (if you have taken up the Platinum option you can also cover two of your extended family members, which are your independent children who are not financially dependent on you, your siblings, and your parents):

Legal Insurance benefit* – insurance cover of up to R80 000 for the Platinum option and up to R54 000 for the Gold option, per membership per year (for all the members insured under the product combined), for if you need legal assistance in certain litigation matters.

There is a one month waiting period for the Platinum option and a two month waiting period for the Gold option for this benefit from the starting date of the product and it includes:

Bail cover* of up to R5 000 for the Platinum option and R2 000 for the Gold option per membership per year (for all members insured under the product combined).

The Platinum option also includes  up to R10 000 opposed divorce cover* for the main member only;

Mediation benefit – unlimited telephonic mediations.

The Platinum option also includes two face to face consultations with a legal advisor per year, and covers matters where the cause of action arose up to three months before the start date of the membership.

Basic Benefit – telephonic advice on certain legal matters (including labour matters); 

Legal Emergency benefit – 24 hour telephonic advise on legal emergencies; and

Estate Assist benefit (for the Platinum option only) - The Estate Assist Benefit provides your family members who are also members under TFG Legal Plan and the executor of your estate with unlimited assistance and legal advice about the winding up of your estate if you die. This benefit does not include the costs of administering the estate, or any litigation flowing from the winding up of the estate.

How much will you pay?

These benefits are available to you for R53.50 per month for the Gold option and R72.90 per month for the Platinum option, billed to your TFG Money Account or paid by debit order from your personal bank account. An additional amount of R34.50 is payable monthly if the extended family member cover is taken up under the Platinum option. These amounts are guaranteed for the first month and reviewed once a year.

Terms and conditions apply and can be viewed by clicking the icon below.

This product is serviced by LIPCO LAW FOR ALL, a division of LIPCO Group (Pty) Ltd, an authorised financial services provider.

*Foschini Retail Group (Pty) Ltd is an authorised financial services provider. The Legal Insurance Benefit is underwritten by Guardrisk Insurance Company Limited, an authorised financial services provider and an insurer licensed to conduct non-life insurance business in terms of the Insurance Act 18 of 2017.


TFG Legal Plan Membership Guide

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